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Think Beyond


We consider not only the task at hand but also the big picture.

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Excellence is in the Details


We believe attention to detail makes the difference. Excellence is not an act, but a habit.

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Never Settle for Satisfied


We continually look for new ways to grow our company and each other.

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Fun is Functional


We believe working hard and having fun are not mutually exclusive. Happy people make good employees. Good employees make great companies.

Infinite Technology Solutions

About Us

Infinite Technology Solutions was founded in January 2005. We are a locally based IT company supplying IT solutions to local and national companies. We specialize in bringing our clients the best value-for-money solutions that work. We specialize in server consolidation and virtualization – this results in higher productivity and stability for our clients. We use VMware and IBM’s PowerVM to achieve these results, and ensure customer satisfaction and reliable IT solutions.

Infinite Technology Solutions

We provide a range of Support Packages, each differing in inclusive services, such as;pro-active monitoring and maintenance, managed anti-virus, web protection, and on-site visits and call out engineers To make the choice more straightforward, the most popular Support Package, and which most our clients have, is the Gold Support Package including a wide range of services.

Infinite Technology Solutions

Infinite Technology Solutions also offer full 24/7 support in the form of the Platinum support package. Infinite Technology Solutions also is a specialist in managing and migrating to Office 365 and a number of other cloud-based systems, please get in touch for more information. Infinite Technology Solutions is dedicated to providing the right hardware and software for your needs, whether it’s new PCs, laptops or servers.

Infinite Technology Solutions

Alongside this we can supply licenses cheaper than other retailers, such as Office, PhotoShop and other software. Want to buy a PC or laptop? Speak to us about what you need and we can quote you our best price. We can get software and licenses cheaply to suit your requirements, including Microsoft Office 365 for less than RPP price.